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About Us

In these changing times, progress is viewed as slow but constant. News has covered sorrows from police brutality to tribal genocide while highlighting the world’s natural diseases of racism, classism, and sexism. With the internet, endless answers and questions have been unleashed, which have promoted progress but stagnated it in other ways. For instance, we are all bubbled on our mobile devices or our friend groups on Facebook. Big Brother is watching us even more as Google steals our data. The coastal cities of the United States have little in common and communicate rarely with the Midwest and vice versa. Every country is as racist, if not more so, than the United States. That’s troubling since KKK rallies pop up out of nowhere like in North Carolina. Societies have had further gaps between classes and levels of education.

It’s time to change our ways. This show hopes to shed light on real-life government activity as well as the current geopolitical climate surrounding our world moving forward. This show hopes to bring awareness to audiences about major issues such as marginalized peoples of the world, government corruption, global warming, mental health, as well as PTSD and similar disorders. This show hopes to inspire change and spur movements toward combatting world poverty and war.

This project is important and timely because it questions our individual identity which is constantly shaped by the news, social media outlets, and cultural pressures from around the world. All people share common traits, and this show celebrates nuances in cultures while finding universality among humanity. To be able to become anyone anytime is a dangerous gift and demonstrates why having one consistent identity can be critical in this day and age. With the planet closing in on nuclear disaster, this show is sure to strike a nerve. It’s time to connect the world. That all starts with shifting our worldview and realizing that we are all human: one mind at large.