A spy thriller that revolves around SHIFTERS

A secret section of the CIA comprised of elite, genetically modified agents

Daughter and Spy
CIA agent Tara Croydon rushes to the hospital to see her dying dad. But when her job - being a ruthless secret agent - calls for immediate action, Tara must decide which comes first: fighting terrorists or being there for her dad.
The Operation
Tara commits to an experimental procedure in which the CIA turns her into a genetically modified agent known as SHIFTER. Tara must now train with her new abilities, but she finds out something disturbing deep inside of herself.
The Tourist
Maeve Randall is in Tbilisi, Georgia for a wedding. When she is kidnapped by Russian agents and accused of breaking into the embassy, Maeve is helpless. But where is Shifter and can she save Maeve in time?
Canary In A Coal Mine
Shifter is sent to England to stop a meeting between a British dealer of illegal goods and a group of Congolese miners who just might have discovered a new earth mineral.
The Elusive Diplomat
When the United States decides to engage in conflict with North Korea, American Diplomat Seojoon Song takes the act personally. Shifter is sent in to guard Song and make sure nothing happens to him at an American-North Korean joint event.
Second Thoughts
Shifter flies to Ireland to stop a gang of new IRA members from planting a bomb. But little does she know that deception lurks at every corner in this group.

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