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Cami is a highly trained agent in a sub-section of the CIA, who, while not on missions, has been tasked with living an ostensively normal life. Cami is from a small town on the East Coast, raised by a single dad who was a spymaster during the Cold War. Cami has been bred to become an elite agent, groomed by a dad who wished for a son. Cami’s mom was a genius coder who died at a young age, but who left Cami with a keepsake: a device that serves as a surrogate parent. Now, with both parents gone, Cami is forced to lead a dull life, cooped up in her apartment and wishing for human connection. It is only on missions that Cami can be someone else and experience the nomadic life of a spy, filled with adventure and trauma. However, she cannot connect with people during these experiences since they will either die, be on the “wrong side,” or view her as a brainwashed agent. Cami will eventually rebel against her superiors.


Maeve is a writer and photographer for National Geographic, a world traveler so to speak. Maeve is Cami's favorite personality, and her superiors' least favorite personality. Maeve is stubborn, snarky, sassy, and sarcastic. She's impulsive and does what she wants when she wants. Maeve often decides to continue a mission even if her superiors decide against it. Most recently, Maeve's improvisational antics in Georgia have caused her superiors to ban her from Cami's life. Maeve has a human spark that Cami appreciates, an omniscient and omnipotent wit and perspective to take the world one step at a time. Maeve is a bit of a dreamer at heart and wants to live on a farm with a perfect partner. In her spare time, Maeve would try to date, but her government prevents any serious social contact.


Tara is a no-nonsense, puzzle-solving black-belt. Intelligent and rational, Tara accepts emotions like stress and distress to work through what she's going through to avoid repression as much as possible. Sometimes alone in the middle of the Pacific with enemies closing in on all sides, she has to stand firm and figure out how to get out alive. Tara is a survivor which makes her a top candidate for most missions in the U.S. For the CIA, she's much more trustworthy than someone like Maeve. She has little patience for people who don't trust her or mock her opinions. She has no problem putting you in your place if she believes you are missing a point. A master multitasker, she can patch up a wounded spy while deducing coordinates on a map. Tara isn't a fan of food - she believes it slows you down - same with kids. In terms of fighting, Tara focuses primarily as a boxer - she has a mean right hook.


Josie is a jovial and good-humored soul who often times tries to mellow people out through dialogue before launching into action. Mind you, she has no problem infiltrating a palace or mansion, but she prefers to do it in a sophisticated manner. Josie is an expert black belt and prefers Eskrima and hand weapons like batons. Josie enjoys card games, darts, and archery. She's a solitary spirit, and most people usually like her. However, guys with ego problems can get easily annoyed by her bubbly personality and her small stature. This is a strength of Josie's - she can get under people's skin and really see what makes them annoyed, throwing them off their focus. Josie is a master mind reader and often knows what people are thinking even before they vocalize it. Her superiors send her to Ireland and other UK related events due to her strong Irish and Scottish background.


Yanelle is a trained interpreter who studied abroad at boarding schools in the Caribbean and Senegal for many years of her life. She became jaded to the world and its social dynamics; she came from an upper class family but grew to detest certain standard conventions. Yanelle enjoys translating for Pascal and other interpreters in Cameroon. She was and always will be a resident of Cameroon: she believes in the country despite its recent influx of terrorism, inspired by Middle Eastern groups for the most part. Yanelle thinks that her country can clean itself up as it's a leading supplier in many natural resources for the world. Yanelle is timid at first but is often happy to engage in conversations. She enjoys practicing other languages but doesn't believe any are as eloquent as French.


Dana is one of Cami's go-to personalities for African-based missions. Originally born in Niger, Dana grew passionate about world medicine before the U.S. government cloned her DNA. The Dana that Cami morphs into is a Habitat for Humanities development manager and has traveled under this guise for CIA missions in the Congo, Angola, Rwanda, Uganda, and Chad, just to name a few. Dana is currently on reserve since her superiors don't want her face to show up too much more or she will become recognizable. Dana doesn't enjoy lying, and she usually takes her anger out in the form of rage in physical combat. Dana is a good supportive friend to have but a dangerous enemy to maintain. She goes from 0 to 100 quicker than anyone else. Patriotic and a believer in manipulation before violence, Dana is a trustworthy agent and a solid balance to contrast an impulsive personality like Maeve.


Miranda grew up in Colombia thinking that she would become a mayor or senator and rid her town of drug dealers. However, her town cleaned up its act before she had that opportunity, and she decided to fix a lot of other woes in her South American community by reaching out to the U.S. government and offering her DNA. Now, when Cami injects Miranda, Miranda becomes a righteous doer of wrongs - slave auctioneers have much to fear if Miranda is around. She believes in corporal punishment and is a little religious so "an eye for an eye" goes a long way in her book. One of the more Conservative of Shifter's personalities, Cami vies against Miranda's vindictive manner sometimes. However, the CIA love Miranda's work, and they think she's one of the best South American operatives.


Amber is in advertising and often finds her jobs take her all around the U.K. Born in Westminster area, Amber is always up for an adventure as she was a star athlete and equestrian most of her life. She competed in science competitions as a kid and almost became a chemist. She believes in world peace but doesn't mind using force to obtain what she wants. She doesn't appreciate when people disobey her commands, and she has an elitist mentality about intelligence and brawn. If you're not at the top of either of these categories, Amber would probably care not at all about you. She's fairly cold and doesn't mind killing either when you cut down to it, the dry British way, but she does have a heart when people have been through emotional turmoil or trauma. Savage and primal, she'll eat raw meat or cooked - she can tell the difference, but it's all about circumstance.