In 2016, there were about 655 people incarcerated per 100,000 population. What’s startling about this statistic is that this represented the number of people currently in prison, not those who were ex-convicts and those out about in “the real world.” It’s a vicious cycle and hard to calculate since some of these people in jail have already been ex-convicts.

Every country in Africa has its own unfortunate, tempestuous tale of colonial rule causing chaos and genocide, leaving behind a vicious cycle even after countries gain their independence. The DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) is one such example. Originally known as Zaire by the Belgians, the DRC was run into the ground through annexation in which the native Congolese died from exploitation and disease.

If we don’t understand history, we will never come to terms with the present and future. Much of history is swept under the rug by not being recorded because it is considered embarrassing or compromising to someone or some people. Yet, much of history still exists in some records; it’s often discarded or maligned by certain academic institutions that may have a bias in the matter.

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